Advanced Pest Control Systems

Maintenance programs

Pest Control Maintenance Programs - Once your in-home tubing system is activated, you will select an annual PestShield Pest Prevention Maintenance Program to ensure your home is protected. PestShield offers two plans: Essential and Preferred. Both plans offer guaranteed service, which means you will never pay for a return visit related to covered pest infiltration. Plans vary based on covered pests and features.

Crawling insects (ants, roaches, spiders, crickets, etc.) x x
  • Pest Control Maintenance Programs
  • Pest Control Maintenance Programs
  • Pest Control Maintenance Programs
  • Pest Control Maintenance Programs
  • Pest Control Maintenance Programs
Flying insects (bees, wasps and yellow jackets) x
Common household rodents (mice) x
Quarterly visits to your home (4 visits total) x x
PestShield's Three Layers of Protection x x

1. Injections from outside into PestShield tube system

2. Exterior spray treatment at common entry points

3. Granular treatment 6'-0" out from foundation

(Spring, Summer, and Fall only)

Detailed Service Reports after each visit x x
Guaranteed results for covered pests (see above) x x
Exterior cobweb removal x
Hive/nest removal x
Seasonal bait applications for covered pests x x
Service calls for covered pests x x
Attic, garage, basement fogging for covered pests x x
Cobweb removal and insect vacuuming x
Trapping and baiting for covered pests x
QUARTERLY FEE $79 - $99 $99 - $119
Pricing is based on home size and insect pressure related to location.
Final pricing will be determined during your initial set-up visit.

PestShield also offers a variety of additional services to provide further peace of mind and comfort. If you have a concerning pest please contract directly for a free consultation 314-984-9006. We pride ourselves on thorough, efficient service that puts the customer first.


Subterranean termites would love to make a meal of your home, and they can cause enormous damage. Don’t put your biggest investment at risk. That’s why you need protection that works around the clock. And that’s just what you get with the Advance Termite Baiting and Monitoring System. With the Premier plan, we also offer quarterly termite monitoring. We will install and maintain termite monitors. If any activity is found, we provide a quote for treatment.



Our technicians are trained to provide superior service that results in a significant decline in mosquito populations. PestShield uses proven products to provide long-lasting mosquito control, which means we can make fewer visits to your home. With our Mosquito Reduction Program, your family can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time worrying about the nuisance of mosquitoes.

As part of thePestShield Mosquito Reduction Program it is also helpful to reduce the chances of being bitten by mosquitoes and eliminate breeding sites. Here are a few helpful tips our technicians will address during your first visit.

  • Inspect property to check for leaking outdoor faucets or air conditioner units
  • Remove or store items that can accumulate standing water
  • Close windows, doors, and screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home
  • Clean swimming pools regularly and keep chlorinated. Pool covers, which can also
  • collect water and debris, should be cleaned as well
  • Be aware of peak hours for mosquito activity at dawn and dusk
  • Adjust sprinkler systems to prevent over-watering

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