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A Great Standard Feature For Subdivisions

Standard features add value to your homes because they universaly answer the needs of home buyers. Standard features are worth the money if they help sell homes and they increase the overall value of your product. The best part is we offer the PestShield Tube system free as a standard feature in subdivisions. We cover all installation, material and labor. (Call for a quote on any Custom homes.)

Why Would a Home Buyer Want PestShield in Their Home?

With PestShield homeowners receive quality pest control much like with any professional pest control company. They also receive the added bonus of not having to be home during their service because we can deliver standard treatments to the interior of the home with our system. Unlike most pest control companies we also offer a guarantee that allows a customer to have us return to the home until their problems are taken care of at no additional charge.  Their guaranteed satisfaction reflects well on the builder of the home.


Our installers are professional, efficient and punctual.They are in and out of most houses in 1-3 hours usually just after electricians and plumbers have wrapped up, and just before insulators have arrived.This is done without interfering with other workers on-site. When installation is completed, we inform home buyers of our product with brochures and postcard mailers.

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After contacting our office, we will request a list of subdivisions that will include PestShield, a list of contact information for sales people and superintendents. We’re happy to meet with you to introduce the product and answer basic questions. PestShield will deliver brochures to subdivisions and contact superintendents for scheduling preferences. Its so easy you’ll never even issue a purchase order, because its totally free.

Home builders around the St. Louis area that include the PestShield Tube System as a standard feature include:

McBride Homes, Ellington Homes, Fischer & Frichtel, Benton Homes, CMS Homes, Triad Homes, Helmet Weber Homes, Estey Barks Homes, Lombardo Homes, REA Homes, Hibbs Homes, Dettmer Homes, Vanderbilt Homes, Jones Asher Homes, NJL Custom Homes

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